Other publications

Here are listed a selection of other publications, including expanded abstracts published in conference proceedings, poster presentations and internet articles.

Expanded abstracts:

  • SALVADOR, R.B. & FIORELLI, L.E. 2011. Water vapor conductance in fossil early bird eggs and non-avian theropods: implications for the evolution of modern birds exposed nest structure. In: Atas do XXII Congresso Brasileiro de Paleontologia. Natal. Pp. 742-745.  [PDF]
  • SALVADOR, R.B. & SIMONE, L.R.L. 2011. The importance of Itaboraí Basin (Paleocene) as the home to early records of many pulmonate snail families. In: Atas do XXII Congresso Brasileiro de Paleontologia. Natal. Pp. 521-524.  [PDF]

Internet articles:

  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2015. The real-life origins of the legendary Kraken. The Conversation (30-Dec-2015).  [LINK]
  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2016. Kraken: the real-life origins of the legendary sea monster. The Independent (04-Jan-2016).  [LINK]
  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2018. New Zealand’s Pokémon: a real monster from the deep. Te Papa’s Blog (23-Feb-2018).  [LINK]
  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2018. Egyptomania: Egypt in New Zealand. Te Papa’s Blog (28-Feb-2018).  [LINK]
  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2018. Goggle-eyed dogū: pre-historic Japan at Te Papa. Te Papa’s Blog (28-Jun-2018).  [LINK]

Selected posters:

  • SALVADOR, R.B. 2013. Teaching taxonomy and systematics for children. In: Young Systematists’ Forum Abstracts. London. P. 17.  [PDF]

Selected abstracts:

  • FERNÁNDEZ, M.S.; GARCÍA, R.A.; FIORELLI, L.E.; SCOLARO, A.; SALVADOR, R.B. 2012. Primera evidencia de una anidación en colonia de Enantiornithes (Aves) en el Cretácico Superior de Patagonia, Argentina. Ameghiniana 49: R143.