Land snail diversity in Brazil

Brazil is a megadiverse country, which is a fancy way of saying that it harbors a good portion of Earth’s biodiversity. Nevertheless, the known Brazilian land snail fauna is seemingly not that diverse, with just over 700 species. That is perhaps due to this fauna being little studied; some researchers estimate that only circa one third of the Brazilian land snail fauna is known. The bulk of the unknown species might lie with the so-called microgastropods, snails of 1 to 5 mm which live “hidden” in the undergrowth. In any event, even with the larger snails, it is very common to find entirely new species in virtually every sample we analyze.

Hidden diversity: cave-dwelling snails


Natural lab: island snails


The studies dealing with this fauna are:

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A possible hotspot in Bahia

One area that is proving to be extremely diverse, including several new findings of large and colorful snails, is Bahia state. This diversity might be linked to the fact that this state harbors the boundaries of three Brazilian biomes: the Cerrado, the Caatinga and the Atlantic Rainforest. Such high diversity needs special attention, both for the preservation of the likely endemic areas as well as in-depth studies of basic biology and evolution of unusual adaptations to semi-arid or cave environments.In this regard, special attention is needed for the Caatinga and Cerrado environments, which are rarely targets of environmental and conservation activities.

Bahia diversity
Some of the new species recently described from Bahia. 1. Oxychona maculata, family Bulimulidae (shell length 17.9 mm). 2. Solaropsis alcobacensis, Pleurodontidae (33.2 mm). 3. Cyclodontina tapuia¸ Odontostomidae (22.9 mm). 4. Leiostracus fetidus, Bulimulidae (21.2 mm). 5. Kora corallina, Bulimulidae (43.4 mm).


Works reporting this diversity in Bahia are:

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Diversity everywhere

Works reporting this diversity elsewhere in Brazil are:

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