Useful links

Here you can find some useful links for your malacological, paleontological and dungeoneering needs. (Just click on the names.)

Species databases

  • Paleobiology Database: A good collection of fossil species of all taxa.
  • World Register of Marine Species: If your creature lives in the sea, you can find it here. Besides, they have the greatest acronym ever: WoRMS.
  • MolluscaBase: Born from WoRMS, but containg only mollusks, including land and freshwater ones and all the fossils.
  • ZooBank: “The Official Registry of Zoological Nomenclature”. Contains information (and links) for each species original descriptions. It started not so long ago, so it basically counts only with the more recently described species, both recent and fossil.
  • Malacolog: This database has all marine mollusks from the Western Atlantic.
  • AnimalBase: It focuses mainly on the European fauna, but it usually has links to the species’ original descriptions, making it very useful.

Bibliographical resources

Other academic stuff


  • Dungeons & Dragons: Here you can find lots of articles and extra rules to complement your 5th edition D&D games.
  • Journal of Geek Studies: The best magazine for the popularization of science based on geek culture.